Big changes coming in 2017

With the turn of the new year comes a lot of changes to Bounce Buddies Wakefield. Nothing that will effect the winning formula that we have that achieves 5 star feedback each time, just things to enhance your experience even more and try to earn 6 star feedback and reviews (not that this is currently possible). So what are we talking about, well as well as the brand new website launched at the end of 2016 and the incorporation of the online booking system previously mentioned in an older blog post due to launch for spring 2017. We have also overhauled our entire invoice system too meaning you get a clear, detailed and more informative invoice than our old invoices. With the ever growing hire fleet we have also decided to add a unique product code to each of our items and services meaning it will be much easier for you to order without having to describe the product or service you have seen. Speaking of ever growing, we have also got a BRAND NEW PRODUCT coming to the fleet very soon and we are very much looking forward to its arrival, but you are going to have to keep guessing as it’s still under wraps for now all we can say is it’s pink, squashy and soft!

Bye for now,
Buddy Bounce Xx