This is a list of all the things people usually ask us.

1, How do I book an inflatable?

To book an inflatable you need to contact us on the number 07792 831 798. We will then be able to discuss the availability.

2, How much do you charge?

The cost of all our inflatable’s is found in the “our castles” section of our website.

3, When should I book?

You should book your inflatable as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Call us to check availability.

4, Are you open all week?

We are currently open 7 days a week.

5, Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes a small deposit will be taken at the time of booking. A fully refundable deposit is required when your inflatable arrives, This will be returned to you at the end of hire subject to the inflatable been returned in good condition.

6, Can I cancel?

Yes. There will also be no charge for cancelations due to bad weather. Your booking deposit will be refunded if you cancel due to bad weather, however no refunds on deposits will be given for any other reason.

7, How big dose the space need to be?

You will need to allow approximately 4ft at the front and back of a castle and 2ft down each side. So if you book a 12ft X12ft castle the size it will need is 20ft X 16ft. Please ensure the space is clear and clean and that all washing lines that would obstruct have been removed.

8, What do I need to provide?

We will require a 240v plug socket to inflate the castle. The blowers must run Whilst the inflatables are in use. We might also need a cup of tea!!!

9, Do you have insurance?

We hold £5 million pounds public liability insurance. This covers our negligence and faulty equipment. It does not cover poor supervision, unless we provide staff. you may also have cover on your household insurance.

10, Is there an age limit?

All users must be 12 years or younger (unless the inflatable is advertised as adult). The users on a castle must not stand taller than the side walls when stood on the bouncing area.

11, How do I pay?

Payment must be received at the start of the hire along with your security deposit. we only accept cheques if they have cleared before the hire commences. Card payments are also taken over the telephone or on site via chip and pin. SECURITY DEPOSITS ARE CASH ONLY!!!.