A Helping Hand From Bounce Buddies.

This weekend has been one of the most busiest and interesting weekends in the entire history of Bounce Buddies. Not only did we have many of our own castles and soft play sets out we also came to the rescue of one of our bouncy friends in Wakefield, Deano’s Ossett. The owner who believe it or not is called dean gave us a call this morning to see if we could lend a hand as one of there delivery vans had broken down and children’s bouncy castles was on the back and may get delivered on time for the party. Naturally we could not let a friend in need down nor disappoint children on there birthday, so we rushed to collect the castles from the broken down van and got them to the venues as soon as we possibly could. We would like to thank Dean’s and our customers for been so understanding if we was slightly late for your collection but we did make all deliveries on time. Roll on tomorrow guys we cannot wait to do it all again, we also naturally hope everyone had a great time today. Don’t forget to book your castle now for summer we would hate to be fully booked and not be able to come to your party.

Buddy Bounce. XX